How Can I Do Market Research on NHS England Prescribing in Power BI?
11th April 2023
By Tope O

This article describes how a data analyst can conduct analysis and produce prescribing insights using Power BI and an analysis-ready version of the NHS English Prescribing dataset. The analysis-ready dataset is modelled as a star schema (i.e. dimensional model) and published in data file formats that are optimal for analytic workloads. It is also freely and openly available to download through the Open Data Blend Datasets service.

Combining modern BI tools with analytics-optimised open datasets makes it possible to achieve a level of productivity and efficiency that would otherwise be out of reach for most data analysts. In this case, the pairing of Power BI Desktop with the Open Data Blend Prescribing dataset made it possible to download, load, model, analyse, and report on over 380 million rows of NHS England prescribing data with about three hours of total effort on...

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